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  • Timesport 40/15


SoftOne Group, whose customers include ICA, Elkedjan, Mathem and Tele2 retail have today announced a new collaboration with TimeTerminal to provide terminals approved for use with their SoftOne Timestamp software. In addition to stamping, [...]

Corona virus (Covid-19).

What does it mean for TimeTerminal users? We want to assure our customers that during these difficult times our support will remain available during normal business hours Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:30 CET [...]

Further multinational deliveries

TimeSpot®40/15" IP65 TimeTerminal Sweden AB announces today the order of its terminal models TS40 and TS40/15" IP65 from a major Swiss manufacturer of robotics and automation equipment with several global offices and [...]

TimeTerminal welcomes Josefine to the team.

As part of our continuing expansion in Sweden, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Josefine Bergström as new Key Account Manager. After interviewing many candidates, what struck us about her was the [...]

A message from our deputy CEO

With only a few days remaining to this year approaching its end,today is my last working day for 2018. For TimeTerminal it’s been an exciting year in so many ways. The re-organisation settled down [...]

New owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB (01/09/2017)

After 17 years as manager and owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB, Hans Hindersson has sold the company to B.R.A Maskiner AB with the B.R.A Security business area. For 4 years, companies have cooperated with [...]

Welcome to TimeTerminal (24/09/2018)

“Our 20-year experience has shown that the TimeSpot® terminals have always been a profitable investment for our customers. The values we’ve placed on precision engineering, reliability and sturdiness have been critical to any business whether [...]

New CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB (03/05/2018)

It is with great pleasure that I now start as CEO at TimeTerminal. TimeTerminal is a company with great opportunities. Working with Timeterminal’s terminals and products for multifamily houses feels very inspiring.Johan Hägerlöf has [...]