As reported by the British Medical Association, alcohol misuse has a significant effect on UK productivity through issues such as sickness-related absence, inappropriate behaviour, accidents and poor performance. The cost has been estimated at £7 billion a year.
But while many companies recognise employees as their most valuable resource and therefore their health and safety being of the utmost importance, alcohol misuse has the potential to not only damage the health and wellbeing of their employees, it also effects colleagues as well as become a liability or threat to the success of the business.

It’s an unfortunate issue today that alcohol makes its presence felt in any business; no matter how large or small. Without detailing the reasons how, suffice it to say the consequences of an employee being under the influence of alcohol can be devastating to customers, colleagues, the employee themself , let alone the business or enterprise they work for.

To overcome this alcohol locking systems are used today in several different industries. You’ve probably seen professional drivers use them before they start their vehicles eg
● taxi companies
● bus companies
● emergency services
● or in the transport industry

but our systems work a little differently. A connected alco-meter is activated by means of a unique ID directly linked to the Time and attendance Terminal.

This opens up the possibility to adopt important sobriety safeguards in almost any business, service or industry eg:
● Hospitality
● Heavy machinery operations
● Factory line
● Medical
● FMCG and retail
● Airline
● Supply chain

TimeSpot® with sobriety tester