The continued success and growth of Timeterminal Sweden remains that each and every one of our touch screen terminal’s are precision manufactured and calibrated to help solve critical WFM, HRM and payroll needs for companies both large and small.
However we must also acknowledge the partnership that our suppliers, resellers and web app partners bring, without which it wouldn’t have been possible to deploy the many thousands of touch screen terminals used everyday of the year.

Here are some of those companies we are proud to work with.

Flex Application

We offer support for staffing, time reporting, project accounting, travel billing, invoicing, HR support and payroll. Flex HRM is structured as different subsystems which of course can also be used individually and supplemented as the business grows.



Fas Fa System

FAS Tech AB manufactures and supplies industrial computer systems and products. Everything from the simplest computer cards to complete server systems. Recent years have also customized computers become more in demand. Above all, the different types of display and tablet PCs we customized.




Visma’s vision is to be a leader in the automation of business processes. To achieve this, we follow our mission: to promote European competitiveness in the creation of growth and efficiency.




Martinsson offers a niche product range where we focus in product areas such as Displays, Embedded Systems, Sensors and Wireless.We work with leading suppliers to ensure our customers’ needs for quality and delivery precision.



 pa Pa Kompetens

PA Kompetens,along with its subsidiaries consists of a number of qualified salary, personnel and technology consultants. We have a background that extends from qualified personnel items in listed companies to simpler wage management in smaller companies.



B.R.A Maskiner

Today, we run a company with a focus on offering our customers everything from standard solutions to customized system solutions within alco-locks as well as key and object management. What distinguishes us is our personal service, our holistic thinking and our dedication to the customer relationship.


TooEasy AB

“TimeTerminal is in an exciting development phase with a lot of new things going on and where we look forward to being part of this journey. Together we have a very strong offer that we are convinced will be well received. ”

Christofer Freidlitz, CEO TooEasy AB