Timeterminal Sweden AB. “Capturing time before it’s gone”

As Managing Director of Timeterminal Sweden, I would like to welcome everyone to our refreshed LinkedIn profile.‘Välkommen’as we say here.Over time we’ll be posting news about business benefits, trends,our plans and future aspirations.So Whether [...]

Welcome to TimeTerminal (24/09/2018)

"Our 20-year experience has shown that the TimeSpot® terminals have always been a profitable investment for our customers. The values we’ve placed on precision engineering, reliability and sturdiness have been critical to any business [...]

New CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB (03/05/2018)

It is with great pleasure that I now start as CEO at TimeTerminal. TimeTerminal is a company with great opportunities. Working with Timeterminal’s terminals and products for multifamily houses feels very inspiring.Johan Hägerlöf has [...]

New owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB (01/09/2017)

After 17 years as manager and owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB, Hans Hindersson has sold the company to B.R.A Maskiner AB with the B.R.A Security business area. For 4 years, companies have cooperated with [...]

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