Our story started in Sweden in 1979 when we were called ‘Altema’. Our first innovation was to integrate microprocessor technology in keypad time terminals. Quickly a trendsetter was born. Over the years that innovation led to many new ideas and breakthroughs, including messaging and RFID technology.

In 1999 we, as the world’s first manufacturer of time terminals, switched to the use of modern touchscreens. The TimeSpot® brand was then born.

Since then our developers introduced GSM/3G modems, TFT screens, Linux as an OS, voice messaging, 1000+ terminal network stability, oem terminal branding, web-based solutions, 15” touchscreens and more. Always looking ahead, our roadmap continues with new ideas and innovations.

Our Business concept

To develop and produce quality time terminals agnostic to our end-customers choice of time system solution.


Continue to be a leading provider of time terminals with continued satisfied retailers as well as utilise our knowledge from terminal development to establish one or more new business areas every two to three years.


TimeTerminals’ ability to fulfill all financial commitments and maintain a profitable and commercially viable enterprise.

We are pioneers of

● Touchscreen registration since 1999
● Information kiosks since 2003
● Larger displays than competitors
● 3G and GPRS integration since 2004
● ID barcode, RFID and biometric reading
● Industrial engineering for durability and increased service life
● Linux-based and Windows operating system
● No keypad, touch screen only.

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