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Some terminal suppliers have diversified, acquired or diluted their core business.

At Timeterminal we don’t produce locks, turnstiles or gates

We dont oem or install cctv and barriers

We engineer, calibrate and produce only quality terminals

….. our focus for over 20 years

With no closed OS or restricted interfaces

using our open Linux platform, the risk of lock-in is eliminated

It’s tried, it’s tested and it’s risk free

TimeTerminal. Where web applications look their best

40 Years Experience

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Just outside the historic and beautiful city of Stockholm is the home of TimeTerminal Sweden Ltd.
TimeSpot® TS15 from 2013

TimeSpot® TS15 from 2013

With a pedigree of innovation since the late 70’s, the company has repeatedly shown itself as a groundbreaker in enhancing workforce management convenience and cost saving initiatives.

Starting way back in 1979, the predecessor of TimeTerminal introduced microprocessors for keypad terminals, followed not long after by the launch of RFID proximity tagging.
By the end of the 90’s, what then became ‘TimeTerminal’ completely remodeled traditional keypads and established for the first time the TimeSpot ™ Touch Screen terminals .
TimeSpot® TS05 with built in GPRS from 2016

TimeSpot® TS05 with built in GPRS from 2016

Soon after, the range was optimized with the introduction of TFT screen technology.
By 2006 the Linux OS became the robust and stable backbone of TimeTerminal products, even to the point of being able to successfully test their stability within a network of 1000+ terminals!
Building on from there, in 2010 more flexibility was added with the terminals being direct-able to customers own choice of web based WFM and HCM cloud solutions. To enhance the employee experience even further, large 15 ”TFT touch screens where launched creating a larger screen real estate for developers to add more services, functionality and flexibility within their WFM UI.
Since then, TimeTerminal has, like so many other SwedishSince then, TimeTerminal has, like so many other Swedish * companies, continued to innovate itself and upgrade the range, more recently introducing oem options and Windows as another alternative platform.
As a highly specialized design and engineering company with old roots yet with a modern and open approach, we welcome and value our partnerships aimed at enhancing our mutual customers ambitions, their employees well-being and ultimately, for the benefit of everyone concerned.
Ultimately, our mission is to make any web based WFM, HRM, Payroll or MES solutions look amazing.
* Spotify, Skype, iZettle, Ericsson, Electrolux, IKEA and more
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