Touch Screen Terminals

Optimised for cloud WFM solutions

Workforce Managements best friend

Terminals recommended for cloud T&A, scheduling, task management

Pre-installed with approved WFM solutions

Optional employee authentication using RFID, Biometric PIV & FAP20 FBI certified sensors

Terminals ‘Built 4 Business’

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Time & Attendance white label application for your WFM solutions

Includes authentication service for RFID or Biometric identification.

Connects via APIs to WFM backends.

Customisable for WFM providers and/or end customers.

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By 2023, at least 95% of sales of new Workforce Management applications will be deployed on the cloud*

But how can businesses benefit if their T&A Terminals aren’t even web enabled? Unfortunately they wont. They’ll be unable to access the latest cloud WFM or payroll applications.

That’s WHERE we came in.

Sweden’s fast-track to hi-speed internet inspired an early adoption of the cloud and a surge in web app developments.

To support that demand, our terminals were designed & engineered specifically to use with those innovative web apps.

* According to Gartner Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications, August 2018


Who are we?

Based in Sweden, home to corporations like Ericsson, Spotify, Skype, iZettle, IKEA & Assa Abloy, it’s here since the late 70’s we’ve been designing & engineering our quality touch screen technology.


What is it we do?

Using our terminals, we aim to make web apps for Workforce Management, Time & Attendance, Payroll and MES look amazing, function effortlessly and support our customers & their partners biggest challenges.



Choosing a great web app is often devalued by low cost or poor quality hardware. Think of it like buying a sports car but with tractor tyres. We enhance your web app choice & ROI with the best available terminal technology.

Delivered Terminals
With daily users
Years Experience
“TimeTerminal is in an exciting development phase with a lot of new things going on and where we look forward to being part of this journey. Together we have a very strong offer that we are convinced will be well received.”
Christofer Freidlitz, CEO , TooEasy AB
“The combination of using terminals from TimeTerminal Sweden and the Quinyx Workforce Management solution has been a really positive experience in both the quality and support of the hardware but also the software flexibility that we benefit from. We look forward to many more years of such service from both partners.”
Håkan Cleve, Stalands
With terminals from TimeTerminal, we can offer our customers communication to our system regardless of their work environment.
This makes it possible for all employees to have access to our solution using a combination of time-stamp hardware suitable for their organisation.
We’re really happy to continue that into the future”
Lotta Erdtman, CMO, Flex Applications

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About Us

Since 1999 TimeTerminal Sweden has designed, engineered and manufactured best-in-class terminals specifically used with advanced cloud based web apps for Workforce Management, Time and Attendance & Payroll. Our innovative ideas led to the early adoption of touchscreen technology for the effortless and visually enhancing use of those applications

In operation everyday by businesses across government, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and logistics, our mission is simple – we make WFM web applications perform and look amazing.

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191 49, Sollentuna/Stockholm


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