Function – Design – Reliability

The customer values we can look back upon, prove with references and we look forward to continuously nurture and improve are:


TimeSpot® time terminals are easy to integrate with wholesale and retail time & attendance systems via our communication programs TimeSpot® Web or TimeSpot® QML.

For flexibility in both installation and operation, we have, among other things:

  • Long life due to industry standard components
  • Customizable options in touchscreen
  • Downloadable programs over the internet and intranet
  • Communication via LAN/Web
  • Wi-Fi (wireless), PoE (Power over Ethernet), 3G modem
  • Magstripe card, RFID, fingerprint identification, bar code
  • 2, 500 registrations per second possible in the same network
  • Up to 10 000 registrations saved offline during a power outage


TimeSpot terminals are designed to perform optimal for users. For us it means that terminals are as nice to look at as intuitive and easy to use. Corporate environments and other registration requirements are easily met by any of our 6 different models. Our terminals are so attractive that retailers often get positive comments at client presentations. Among other things, the design features:

  • TFT technology with resistive touch screen with the readability of the page
  • Larger display than its competitors since 1999
  • Resellers and end-user able to custom design and choose color
  • Our focus is user-friendliness. Interviews with employees show that they appreciate the terminals’ large sized display, touch technology, attractive appearance, that they work year after year and that no registrations will disappear during a power failure

For the convenience of our dealers’ customers, we provide “Wizard comfortable time registration” and a training film. “Guide” is available in eg edtioner for RFID, PoE, Why time terminals and Finger Detection


Our terminals and applications, see for our users personnel critical systems. Time terminals shall always work. They should not be broken. They shall also have a long life. To ensure this, we include our own production and quality testing. We also have twenty-four hour service, 7 / 24, part of our support contracts.

  • 2-300 terminals from 80 and 90 century, as we delivered from the predecessor to TimeTerminal, Altema Time system, still used. The same applies, of course they 6 000 delivered since 1999
  • MTBF value is low. Durability and quality is what we are most proud of!
  • Spare parts are warranted in our support contract for at least 7 years after the time of purchase
  • TimeSpot time terminals are CE certified. They can keep the IP Class 65 for difficult environments.
  • ISO 9001 and 1401 are the routines we work for.
  • We are connected and paying for electric circuit for the future destruction of the electronics and housing. Thus, our products are exported in Europe and used by the public sector. We are also members of the employers’ organization the Swedish IT and Telkomföretagen and follow their ethical guidelines

MTBF mean time between failures

Failure rate in recent years for terminals & their electronic components for approx. 6,000 terminals supplied to customers.

Terminal Types Year Delivered Error 2008 Error 2009 Error 2010 Error 2011 Error 2012 Error 2013 Annual Failure Rate
TimeSpot® 10 2000-2005 1800 4 3 7 7 10 6 0.34%
TimeSpot® 30 2005-2008 1200 6 2 6 7 11 6 0.53%
TimeSpot® 15 2007- 260 3 2 4 2 11 4 1.67%
TimeSpot® 35 2008- 1500 2 2 4 4 3 3 0.2%
TimeSpot® 37 2011- 360 0 1 1 0.19%
TimeSpot® 40 2011- 800 0 8 4 0.5%