The founder and former CEO of TimeTerminal had a corresponding role in the predecessors Micronic handterminals for 10 years and Altema Tidsystem for 20 years.

The other employees within TimeTerminal also have many years experience of timeterminals and time systems.

The toughest decision so far during the existense of the company was if we should use touchscreens as an alternative to finger print reading. To use a touchscreen was big news back in 1999, when we were manufacturing TimeSpot 10. The advantages with touchscreen won – the mechanics in keyboard keys gets ripped and causes repairs. On top of this, be the first timeterminal manufacturer with touchscreen. After these eighteen years we have 6000 terminals with touchscreens up and running. We also help to enlight about the extreme short time it takes to pay back the costs to buy the terminals.

And not the least the paradox; staff and the union are not talking about control. What we hear is ”Equal and Fair” when we talk with end users.

TimeTerminal’s timeline


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