Our market standing

TimeTerminal is No.1 in Sweden when it comes to T&A terminals.

Corporate Vision

With input from our partners, we develop and manufacture time & attendance terminals with superior in both price and performance, from concept to delivery.

Mission Statement

Offer profitability to our business partners through superior, innovative products and an industry unique sales and support services through – “Guide for effective time & attendance reporting.”

Why we exist?

Our existence is based on the fact that the investment in time terminals are paid-off in a short time; merely months. And the staff, who record their time via our terminals quote “equality and fairness” when asked for their opinion on time terminal usage.

Core values ​​behind TimeTerminal

  • Backed by 32 years experience of working within time & attendance industry, both on the hardware as well as software front.
  • Product quality as evidenced by 1,000+ terminals which are still in active after 20 years and used by over 100,000 employees daily.
  • We have been pioneers with:
  1. Registration via touchscreen since 1999
  2. Information-kiosks since 2003
  3. Larger displays than competing products for convenient time registration
  4. 3G and GPRS ago 2004
  5. ID technologies = Barcode, RFID and fingerprint scanning
  6. Industrial technology for durability and longer life
  7. Linux-based operating system
  • In the last few years:
  1. Web-Browser functionality
  2. App for time and project registration via mobile phones
  3. Time terminals launched with an attendance tableau feature

Our future

To be the best global supplier of time & attendance terminals.

TimeTerminal: Our objective today

Continued satisfied partners in Sweden and within 3 years establishments in 10 countries.