Our history begins 1979 when we under the name Altema became the first with mikroprocess technique in timeterminals. A trendsetter was born.

Our innovative ideas has lead to many breakthroughs over the years, where we consider one of the biggest to be 1999 when we as the worlds first manufacturer of timeterminals began to solely use touchscreens.

TimeTerminal manufacture and sell timeterminals under the trademark TimeSpot®.

The clients and the re-sellers develop systems for timereporting that intergrades with our terminals.

The fact that the marked lacked a company that specialized in making timeterminals is the reason why TimeTerminal was founded. Bravida Tid, our first client, had more than 50% of the swedish market for timesystems at the time.

When the company was founded in 1999 the need for timeterminals was identified in the following way:

”The prevoius 20 years working in the industry has told us that timeterminals is a profitable investement for the clients. We have also learned that the staff and the union are positive. The staff say that the experience of timeterminals gives the effect ”fair and equal”.

TimeTerminal is here to realize our resellers goals about rational timereporting that in turn will give their clients economical advantages.

Business Idea

Manufacture and develop timeterminals that is adjusted to timereporting systems.


To be the best supplier of timeterminals with continued satisfied re-sellers and within three years use our knowledge to establish one or more new business areas.

TimeTerminals ability to carry out economical commitments:

  • All development has been taken over the financial statements.

  • We have made profit every year.

We have been pioneers with

  • Registration with touchscreen since 1999.

  • Information kiosks since 2003.

  • Bigger displays than our competitors.

  • 3G and GPRS since 2004.

  • ID-techniques barcode, RFID and finger print reading.

  • Industrial technuiqe for resistance and increased life span.

  • Linux based OS.

  • No buttons, only touchscreen.