Quality assurance of TimeTerminal and TimeSpot® time terminals.

About Reliability

Each company has one or more characteristic one is especially proud of. In our case it is quality and reliability. The terminals work year after year. See below for MTBF.

CE standards

We follow the standards for CE marking and our terminals are tested and approved by an independent testing company.

IP 65 standards

The models TimeSpot® 40 and 35 65 is IP-rated. Means they are protected for water, steam, dust, etc. Recycling of time terminals is according to the Environmental Protection Agency rules. We are members of El-Kretsen and REPA. Meaning that we pay a certain fee per terminal associated with the production. This is to get access to the destruction of the electronics and mechanics according to the rules designated by EPA.


Programming environments used are C, Python, LUA, and for Web applications HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, QML, Qt etc. Basically, we work with free tools and promote the open source community.


The terminals are tested against current provider of time and communication systems.

  • TimeSpot-terminals installed in-house. When mounting or handling of PCB components are protected against static discharge
  • After loading the program tested this both to function in terms of communication
  • Web or IPaddress applied if desired.
  • Individual long-term test on all terminals.
  • The terminal packed in strong cartons with impact protection.

Helpdesk, Support and Service

We have service responsibility 7/24. Means that we personally respond to service contacts daily from 07.00 to 22.00. During the night, the received calls are answered the following morning. Service request is entertained within 5 hours. Repairs to the terminals to contract customers must be made within 3 days of arrival. Customers have access to loan terminals.

Terminals, service

Diagnosis and filing of fault causes. Followed by repair, testing, and delivery back to the contract customer within 3 days.

Project Management

Project planning methods according to Trello or Scrum.

Purchases subcontractors

We manage our suppliers almost as well as our customers. We want them to be routinely update us on news in their field and have short delivery times. Several of them, we have had business relationship with over 20 years. Multi-year contracts with minimum quantities gives us the “best purchase price.”

Warranty Times

Free repair all hardware including components during the warranty year. Program bugs are corrected at no cost.

Support agreement.

We guarantee components for at least 5 year within our Support agreement.

Access to components in future years.

We guarantee components for at least 5 year within our Support agreement.

TimeTerminal ability to meet financial commitments

TimeTerminal has every year since its inception in 1999 had a small profit each year. The dividend to the parent has been SEK 2-500 000 per year. No payment delays have occurred. R&D costs, now totaling SEK 17 million have all been written-off the same year they incurred. We have an extensive stock of parts for older terminals for use as spares. Since 2011’s our economy has been bestowed upon with an ‘AA’ ranking for financial stability and we are therefore one of only 7,3% of Swedish companies that carry the prestigious mark.

MTBF mean time between failures

Failure rate in recent years for terminals & their electronic components for approx. 6,000 terminals supplied to customers.

Terminal Types Year Delivered Error 2008 Error 2009 Error 2010 Error 2011 Error 2012 Error 2013 Annual Failure Rate
TimeSpot® 10 2000-2005 1800 4 3 7 7 10 6 0.34%
TimeSpot® 30 2005-2008 1200 6 2 6 7 11 6 0.53%
TimeSpot® 15 2007- 260 3 2 4 2 11 4 1.67%
TimeSpot® 35 2008- 1500 2 2 4 4 3 3 0.2%
TimeSpot® 37 2011- 360 0 1 1 0.19%
TimeSpot® 40 2011- 800 0 8 4 0.5%

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