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Since 1999, TimeTerminal have developed and manufactured time terminals adaptable to a multitude of advanced time and attendance systems. From the companies inception, innovative solutions have led to many successes including the use of touch screen technology; well in advance of its adoption for mobile phone touch screens.

TimeTerminal develops time terminals either as oem or under the Timespot® brand for customers from amongst others within retail to manufacturing, hospitality, emergency services and transportation.

“Our 20-year experience has shown that the TimeSpot terminals have always been a profitable investment for our customers. The val
ues we’ve placed on precision engineering, reliability and sturdiness have been critical to any business whether large or small. Both our customers staff and union representation appreciate the benefits of our terminals to the overall working environment. Something, we as a Swedish company, are very proud of” says Johan Hägerlöf. Managing Director TimeTerminals Sweden AB

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Latest News
Johan Hägerlöf has been appointed new CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB. He replaces Mikael Boman, who for some time acted as a temporary CEO. In his role as CEO, Johan will have total responsibility for TimeTerminal Sweden AB in both Sweden and abroad.

Johan has spent most of his professional life in electronics and information technology. He has been involved and started developing three companies from scratch, including: Flowscape. Next to, Johan comes from a role as product manager for Flowscape, where he had roles as development project manager, customer project manager and installation manager over the years.

It is with great pleasure that I now start as CEO at TimeTerminal. TimeTerminal is a company with great opportunities. Working with Timeterminal’s terminals and products for multifamily houses feels very inspiring. We welcome Johan warmly to TimeTerminal Sweden AB and look forward to working together.

New CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB 03/05/2018
After 17 years as manager and owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB, Hans Hindersson has sold the company to B.R.A Maskiner AB with the B.R.A Security business area. For 4 years, companies have cooperated with alkotester in connection with attendance reporting. Hans Hindersson is part of the Board of TimeTerminal together with the principal owners of B.R.A Theresa Boman and Mikael Boman. The operations will be continued with former employees from the Sollentuna office. Together, the companies have a turnover of approximately 60 million.
New owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB 01/09/2017